Today’s world is full of chaos and people are too busy in their life. It becomes difficult to keep mental peace. Getting into the beauty of nature plays a significant role as it offers a way to find clarity and silence

Hiking! Doesn’t the name give you chills?

Well, hiking is a beautiful way to take everything that nature has to offer. We sweat our tensions and frustrations out with the help of this adventurous thing. If you want to take advantage of the world where we are living, there can be nothing better than going for a hike.

Wondering where can you go for a perfect hike? The hike with beautiful views. The hike will leave you amazed. The hike that looks cool in pictures, but is way better in reality.

Have a look at the list below to know the best hikes of the world

  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand
Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tongariro is a paradise for all those who have an immense love for hiking. It is not only known as the best one day hike in New Zealand but best in the world. This hike is 19.4 kilometers and takes you to the place where ‘Lord of The Rings’ was filmed. Although it is an easy walk, there are certain times you may find it difficult to trek. The trail is located at the Tongariro national park and is quite famous for both locals as well as tourists. Before 2007, the name of the trail was just Tongariro crossing but to indicate the more challenging condition of the trail, the name was changed later so do not dare to miss one of the most beautiful hikes where you would experience different beautiful scenes throughout.

  • Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Peru
Inca Trail

Most of you will probably not prefer going for a day hike considering it as ‘not worth it’ but let me tell you a one day Hike to Machu Picchu will be a great choice for those who don’t have enough time in their schedule. You can walk through the last section of the Inca trail to reach Machu Picchu. This is a better option to arrive at the place than to go for a bus or a train that takes you right there at the main entrance

This hike is going to be the most memorable one for you. You will walk through the mountains, visit Inca ruins, climb ancient stone steps, walk through a rainforest, and will see rainbows over there (if you are lucky enough). You will find yourself at the Sun Gate and see an amazing view of Machu Picchu so do not waste the day you are left with and go for Inca trail

  • Dolomites Italy
Dolomites Italy

Dolomites Italy is one of my favorite places to go for a hike. All of the hikes you would do here will become an unforgettable experience. And you know what! the pictures we clicked, even the best ones failed to show the real beauty of the place hiking the Puez-Odle Altopiano will leave a sparkle in your life and become your favorite in the dolomites. The hike is a little longer and you would be required to climb at many places but trust me on this, this will be the best experience of your life the most interesting part is that this Hike would take you to some highest peaks in the area which will give you a bird’s eye view of all the fantastic scenes of the dolomites. The hike would need 20 kilometers and 6 to 8 hours to complete it

  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Let me give you a simple explanation of the trek across the Grand Canyon- challenging, exhausting, memorable, and amazing. Want to have a big adventure? Hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim and experience the beauty of nature. You will rejoice at the beautiful views, hike on dusty trails, and walk through lush oases in the United States’ most iconic landscape. This place is considered as the land of extremes. The temperature can go up to 80 degrees in one day along the trail. You need to go down to the Colorado River and then go back up from the other side. The hike can come out to be very difficult as well as fantastic at the same time because you will come across heat, cold, exhaustion, joy, and enjoyment. The Hike gives you a lifetime memory. Mostly, people go there for 3 to 4 days. One suggestion would be that if you are planning to go for one day hike, make sure you are extremely fit and fast

  •  Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to first
Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to first

Are you up for something more interesting? Well, the hike from Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to first will give a joyful experience to you. It is a big day Hike which is in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. Let me and enlist some highlights of the thrilling Trek: a ride on a cogwheel train, alpine lakes, and snow-covered trees, cows and musical bells, and some beautiful scenes of Swiss Alps. From the views of the Jungfrau massif, Lake Brienz to an alpine lake, this place has it all and regarded as one of the best hikes to go for or in the Jungfrau region. The distance you will cover in this hike will be 16 kilometers and the time you would be utilizing is 6 hours 

  • Jiankou to Mutianyu, Great wall of china
Jiankou to Mutianyu

The Great Wall of China is one of the most iconic places and the top thing in every visitor’s bucket list. The hike that follows the Great Wall of China from Jiankou to Mutianyu is very tough. You need to have balancing skills as you will have to walk along the very edge and that too from the heights. You will come across several lakes along the way and it would be the best adventure. It takes 5 hours to complete the 10-kilometer distance of this hike. So what are you waiting for? Plan an amazing Hike from Jiankou great wall to Mutianyu great wall and enjoy the incredible beauty

  • Kjeragbolten Norway

If you are planning to hike to Kjeragbolten, you would see a giant boulder stuck between the two cliffs. It is my personal favorite for hiking and I am quite sure that you are going to love it too. Not only because you have a chance to step out on the boulder, but the hike is a complete package of fun and memorable experience. There are many beautiful things you will come across when hiking to Kjeragbolten, you will climb sheer granite faces, see the valleys, and encounter some of the most spectacular scenes in Norway. The boulder sits 1000 meters off the ground and you will have a cool collection of pictures over there. The distance of the hike is 12 kilometers and it will take 6 to 8 hours to complete it.

  • Iceland

From bubbling hot springs, looming volcanoes to majestic glaciers, Iceland is the perfect place for you to get clicked. When it comes to hiking, it is often said that it can be possible anywhere but Iceland offers some adventurous options for you. Skaftafell national park is heaven with jagged mountains and beautiful ice caps. Also, Landmannalaugar is famous for the colorful rhyolite mountains and exciting day hikes. It is one of the best areas for hiking. My favorite was Brennisteinsalda-Bláhnúkur loop where you would walk through the lava fields and see some unbelievable views.

These are some famous places where you can hike through the beauty of nature. So, stop waiting and visit these areas to get the best experience of your life. 

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