When the moonlight strikes, the clock struck an hour, and the lights are out; the most happening cities come to life. People head out of their homes in late hours to enjoy dancing and partying in Gin Bars, Jazz Clubs, and Cabarets. The streets and buildings come to life as the nightlife approaches. When half of the city sleeps, half of them are out there grooving to the best beats and numbers. As said by someone, “the night is still young, and so are you.” If you are a party freak and wish to find some after-hour entertainment, then my Friend, the world shall never disappoint you. We are presenting you some of the handful picks of the world’s best cities for ‘painting the town red.’ Well, speaking at a personal level, I haven’t been to many places, but, sure they remain on my bucket list. Visit these places and get ready to be dazzled.

New York:

The sun goes down, work comes at rest, and the buildings light up, an entirely different New York emerges that is high on energy. One can feel the city come to life as it grumbles in the bars, roars on the streets, and dances in the pubs. If you are seeking that outburst of energy, some locking and popping or wish to enjoy booze, then New York is one such place to be. The place tops the list as it has something to offer on each nightlife of the week. We are sure that once you head to this place, you ain’t getting bored.

The city entertains in such a way that you would be grooving on your toes at all times. Providing a fascinating overview with a beautiful landscape, you must visit New York at least once. Be it warehouse parties, mega-clubs, hipster joints, metal and opera, indie rock shows or outdoor movie nights and cultural events, the city never fails to amaze.


Home to some of the fancy night clubs and bars, London welcomes everybody with an open arm. When it comes to the nightlife of London, the list of adventures never seems to end. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and can enjoy some of your best moments in a budget. From happy hours to listening to live music, the capital has so much to offer. If you love watching musical drama, then London’s West End is one place you should visit. You could also hop into the Bus and take an open-top bus tour and look at some marvels in London.

Be it a comedy night club, appreciating and laughing on the gigs or gazing at the breathtaking views from the Sky Garden, the capital has something to offer for each age group. Plan a romantic date nightlife with your loved one or drink like crazy with your buddies.

Las Vegas:

If you have not witnessed the nightlife of Las Vegas, then friends, you surely are missing out on something. Your experience of night parties is never complete until the time you step into the world of Las Vegas. Also, known as Sin City, this place will never disappoint you. When in Las Vegas, party like an animal as it doesn’t get more happening than here. Do not miss out on the hype and make the best. The nights here are surely monstrous, in a good way though.

If visiting for the first time, then do check out the Industry Nights. Get ready to behold a quintessential experience by sipping your favorite champagne and watching the city come to life.  Dance to the rhythm of some peppy numbers and party like you had never done before.


Berlin is surely a madhouse when it comes to partying like a freak. The nightlife of Berlin is something to look forward to. With swimming floors near the dance floor, ceilings lighting up with flashy LED lights, and people dancing and grooving on some jazzy bears, the place surely deserves a visit at least once. And, if you don’t wish to go to a night club or a bar, then you could roam the streets and try some of their staple cuisines.

One thing that makes Berlin extraordinary from other places, that it allows the party animals to sleep inside the clubs. What if we told you that some clubs have beds in their ground floor so that you could take a sleep after your late-night adventures


Taking my personal experience into account, Malaysia is hands down one the best place to explore with your loved one. Take a romantic stroll with your partner in China Town and enjoy the succulent delicacies. You could also take some fascinating shots near Twin Towers as these beauties look stunning under the moonlight.  Head out to this place for a lifetime of adventure.

One piece of advice, when visiting Malaysia, keep your sleep aside and enjoy some of the amazing nights on the streets or in the clubs and bars. The glittering nightlife of Malaysia with its elite clubs, carnivals, and lounges are enough to give you that breath of air.


If you wish for the best time of your life, then Ibiza is one place to be. For every partygoer and who loves to have a gala time at night, Ibiza is your one-stop. You must and must visit the place once in your lifetime. Spare an entire weekend for partying and we promise you that you won’t get bored. When in Ibiza, enjoy at beach parties in the day, relax at hotel bars in the evening, and rock at some of the top-class DJ parties at night.

Plan a trip to Ibiza with your loved ones or friends, or why not club them together? Totally on you. Live the glam and dance to the jam. Be there or be square and party like a freak. For every party animal, Ibiza is your place to be.

So, friends, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you tapping your feet by reading the blog? Let’s move it and groove it by exploring some of the finest cities for their nightlife. Let the artificial lights of the buildings and streets bring out the best of you. Enjoy the awesome party songs and leave no stone unturned when exploring the bustling streets full of a cacophony of the street vendors. Happy holiday and a much happy and fantastic nocturnal life. We would love to be your travel guide and make your tour a phenomenal experience.

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