One word that describes the beauty of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” (pure life). If you and your family wish to backpack any travel destination, then it should be Costa Rica. It is one of the fun-loving outdoor travel destinations in Central America for family travelers.

Costa Rica has adventure in every corner from the sequel-inducing thrill of a canopy zipline to hiking up the volcanoes. It has long beaches along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and if your kids are into animals then the unique wildlife of Costa Rica will keep them mesmerized.

I can’t really describe the beauty and magic this place holds in mere words. If you want to do some fun-loving, adventurous activities and wish to taste delicious foods and walk on gorgeous beaches then visit Costa Rica. It is convenient and safe to travel to Costa Rica with kids.

If you are looking for the adventures to do and see or you are backpacking on a budget trip with family then this Costa Rica travel guide can come handy to make your trip awesome.      

Things to See and Do

✔   Go on a hike on Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge Park

Ever heard of jungle hiking? If yes, then you should definitely visit this forest and discover what it holds for you. With luscious rain forests and hanging bridges, you can explore the beauty of the forest. The kids can try the exhilarating zip lines and cable car ride while taking a walk through this park. You should plan to spend more than three hours with your family then only you can cover all the jungle. Don’t worry about the eateries and lavatories as it can be found at the entrance only.

LA Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park

If you are traveling to Costa Rica with young children than La Paz should be at the top of the list to explore in this beautiful country. It is home for loads of wildlife that also includes rescued jaguars and even you can play in breathtaking waterfalls. With five magnificent waterfalls around one another in close proximity, you can go on a safe trail with your family. This place has everything that can test the stamina of your kid by taking them on a short trail or by letting them in the waterfall. They can even see lots of amazing animals and even they can take part in feeding Toucan, the most loved bird of Costa Rica.

Tenorio Volcano National park

If I say, hike to the Rio Celeste waterfall is a spell bounding experience, then you have to believe me. Rio Celeste Waterfall is one of the most photographed scenes in Alajuela, with all the adventurous activities. While hiking through this gorgeous park you can see stunning viewpoints, striking azure lagoon along with hot springs. These views are like a feast for the eyes and you will be amazed to take a walk through this pristine wilderness. This trail of 45 minutes to waterfall is filled with magic and once you reach lagoon you can continue to walk alongside the river edge and when you get tired you can turn back to go at the entrance. Since it is a one-way trail so you can be sure that your kids will not be lost.

Surfing at Tamarindo Beach

Costa Rica is also famous for its Tamarindo Beach and if you want to know why then you should definitely visit there. Beach is lined with some of the cool bars and restaurants where you can taste a variety of seafood. If you want to surf, then this beach will give you the best experience of surfing as waves are not too large here. From a safety point of view, this beach is safe for the kids too. If you don’t know how to surf then you can book surfing lessons from the shops in Tamarindo.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This country has some of the best parks or forests which comprise a wide range of hiking trails that are the first love of any traveler. So, let’s get started to explore the beauty of this jungle by seeing the creature that you have never seen in real life. Manuel Antonio is one of the famous national parks in Costa Rica where you can take small trails, see different wildlife and on top of it can swim across its beaches since this park is located on the Pacific coast. This national park is like all in one package for everyone who visits it.

When to Go to Costa Rica?

Most people visit Costa Rica during the dry season which is from mid-December to April. Although tourism is at its peak, you have to make sure you make made all the reservations in advance. It can be a little expensive to go to Costa Rica this season with family.

The rainy season in Costa Rica is from May to November and this is the cheapest time to visit this beautiful country. It does not rain at all times here and the temperature is still warm so you can on your small trail through forests. During June and July, the rain tends to burst rainforests with life making it more eye-catching.

Costa Rica Travel Costs

The cost of traveling is something you cannot forget while planning to go on a trip. So, here are the estimates about how much accommodation, food, activities can cost you.

Accommodation – You can either stay in a hostel dorm that ranges from 5,500 to 10,000 CRC (10-15 USD) per night. Moreover, if you want to enjoy some free breakfast then you can go for private rooms in hostels that are around 15,000 CRC (25 USD). The Budget hotels in Costa Rica starts from 17,000 CRC (30 USD) per night. If you are traveling with a tent, camping can be the best option for you. As here campgrounds usually charge 5,500 CRC (10 USD) per night and if you want to go camping in the national park you have to pay double.’

Food – Eating at local restaurants can cost you around 535-1,600 CRC (1-3 USD) for meals and even will save you from paying tourist prices. Restaurant meals will make you pay around 3,900 CRC (5 USD) or more. A very nice meal in a tourist area can cost around 9,000 CRC (15 USD). Eating light meals from street vendors can cost as little as 265 CRC (less than 1 USD).

Activities – Entry charges for the national parks are mainly around 5,500 CRC (10 USD) where the discount is available only for students. Charges of canopy tours and day trips are around 25,000 CRC (40 USD). Surfing lessons start from 11,000 CRC (20 USD) per hour and can vary widely across various surf camps.

How to travel around Costa Rica?

Bus – Travelling by bus is the cheapest and easiest way to get around Costa Rica. The public buses run frequently throughout the day, and for short bus trips (under 3 hours) you have to pay 2,000 CRC (3 USD) and that for longer trips can cost you to 5,500 CRC (10 USD).

Air – Air travel within Costa Rica is too expensive. I will suggest you skip this method of travel.

Car Rental – This can be an affordable way to travel around Costa Rica, as you can rent a car from 3,035 CRC (5 USD) per day.

So what are you waiting for book your flight ticket begins the journey of bewitching parks and long beaches of Costa Rica with your family.


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